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The Best Family-themed TV Shows You Should Watch!

Watching movie is my daily needs since my job always drains my energy. I believe that when I enjoy one or two episodes a day, it will keep the doctor away. So, after a long and exhausting time in front of my PC, I’d like to let myself watching my favorite series. I have a list of TV series that I watch every day, most of them are comedy with different plot twists.

Among of all, I like to watch a drama-comedy that wraps in family theme. I don’t know why I like this genre. Maybe because I could learn how to run a good family since I would be a dad soon, and on the other hands, I just like to know what American life is.

Actually, I am obsessed to live abroad. I always dream that one day, I could bring my family out of the country – with a good purpose, of course. And I like the way the European or typical American family raise their children. It is different with our customs. I think it would be better if I raise my kids the way American raise theirs, and still use Islamic value to balance their mind. That’s it.

My Favorite Family-themed Series

Anyway, there are a lot of drama comedy series I have ever seen. But, only a few that I think is the best family-themed TV shows that will teach you about Parenthood, and still gives you L.O.L when you’re watching it. But first, let me tell you about LPM. It stands for Laugh per Minute. I will rate the TV shows and let you know about the LPM level based on my watch. Ready?!

Everybody Loves Raymond

This one is one of the funniest family-themed TV series I have ever seen! The TV show aired in 1996. Yep, it is 2017 and watching 1996 TV series sounds un-cool. But just watch it 5 or 8 episodes and you will like it. I’ve been watching this series like many times. Maybe I have repeated it 2 times each season, it has 9 seasons!

gambar everybody loves raymond
Credit: Closers Weekly

Everybody Loves Raymond is about the life of Ray Barone that has beautiful wife, Debra; a daughter, Ally; and the twins, Geoffrey and Michael. This lovely family lives next to their dysfunctional Family-in-law. There are a lot of plot twists in every scene that will make you laugh out louds.

I like it so much and Everybody Loves Raymond is the first TV show that I repeat regularly. You know that we live in a country where TV cable is so expensive. The only TV show I could watch was Everybody Loves Raymond. I’m glad that turns out, everything went better than expected!

LPM rate: 9/10

The Real O’neals

If one dysfunctional family is not enough, then you should watch The Real O’neals. This one is very funny that I’m laughing now writing this post hahahaha. You will like it since the very first episode! Go and watch it now!

gambar The Real O’neals
Credit: ScreeerTV

The Real O’neals is about typical conservative American family that goes to the Church on Sunday, have a daily breakfast in one table each morning, and strict rules that should be obeyed by the children. One day, the perfect-to-be family turns out becomes the worst example of family in the neighborhood!

You will learn a lot from this TV show as I did. I mean, nothing is perfect. Every family has its problems. The kids will always try to break the rules and the Mom isn’t always right. I won’t give you spoilers about it. Watch it and thank me later.

LPM rate: 8/10

Santa Clarita Diet

This one is different from The Real O’neals or Everybody Loves Raymond. If you like zombie-themed TV shows, then you should go watch this. But don’t expect that you will see Zombie that’s trying to eat human while the people are screaming & running away. This is not kind of that movie, man.

gambar SC Diet
Credit: Den of Geek

Santa Clarita Diet is about a lovely family played by Drew Barrymore my love as the main character :* One day she woke up and realized that there was something strange happened. After she was vomit in front of her clients and for one particular reason, she turned to be a human-zombie. She looks okay, but she eats human flesh.

It is peculiar, but you will stay because.. hellooooo it’s Drew Barrymore! Of course it is funny. I learn a lot from Drew and her husband that no matter what happens with your relationship, husband and wife should be together.

LPM rate: 7/10

Modern Family

Omaygat this one is second to none! This is the best of the best. Maybe this is what Everybody Loves Raymond would feel like if I watched it in 1997. The Modern Family is fresh, funny, and unexpected.

gambar Modern Family
Credit: TenPlay

The characters are good and it seems that, maybe this is what the typical American family looks like. The stay-home Mom is frustrated, the kids are having problems in the school while Dad is trying to keep everything together. Plus, this TV show tells about 3 different families at once. I won’t tell it one by one because it is spoiler.

Just watch the show and thank me later. We will learn a lot about the difference in our family and how we deal with it. And the fact that son and father in law doesn’t get along – is true!

LPM rate: 9/10


Wait a minute, I’m laughing first. Just like its name, I’m speechless when I need to write it down. Speechless is about Maya DiMeo, a Mom and Wife that would do anything to protect her family. She decides what best for her three kids, Ray, Dylan, and J.J that has condition that leaves him with unique mobility and communication challenges. Oh, wait. There’s a funny Aide that always becomes the best and funniest plot twist in it.

gambar Speechless
Credit: Daily Billboard

Regardless of the funny scene, Speechless should be a must-watch series for you who would run a family. We will learn how to protect and take care of the kids, especially when we have a family member with disability. Sometimes, what’s not best for us is the best for the kids.

LPM rate: 8/10


Actually, this one is a romantic-comedy but hey, I could do everything I want with my post.

gambar Atypical
Credit: CNN

The mini-series (only 8 episodes) tells about Sam, a High School student with autism spectrum. As we know that this ‘thing’ makes people hard to communicate with others since they have unstable emotional state. But Sam decides to find a girlfriend.

He starts to find out what love is, how to love, and where he finds love. Sam helped by his personal therapist, his best-friend, and a little push from Dad. Atypical also tells us about the complicated relationship that could hit anyone. Overall, it is not too funny, but it is good to watch with your family.

LPM rate: 5/10

That’s all wrapped. Feel free to leave comment or suggestion about your favorite TV shows. I’ll appreciated because I like to watch movie.

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